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Can YouTube Be The World’s Most Dominant Music Platform?

With this day and age, just about everyone has access to the internet. It’s a place where people have thousands if not millions of options on what to watch online as far as videos. There’s tons of sites out there but one stands out among the rest, YouTube.

YouTube Takes Over Video Scene

Having over a billion users, YouTube has taken over the video scene for quite some time now. Their debut breakout video was back in 2005, so it’s been the go-to for many millenials as far as finding videos on well, anything. This put the whole idea of giving anyone and everyone their own platform to be heard and talk about anything create their own channel or otherwise known as their own “community”.

From beauty to gaming to music, they have it all. When it comes to music videos or any music in general, YouTube is just where people go. As you would imagine, there is competition but none can really hold a candle to the household name. With billions of users and counting every day 6 out of 10 users actually prefer the video platform as opposed to watching live tv.

Will YouTube Red Succeed?

They have now created YouTube Red, this program allows users listen to music without interruptions from ads for a low fee. Taking their business to the next level, companies like Pandora who also give listeners uninterrupted music for a low price may not be able to stand a chance against YouTube which is technically the most popular well-known name worldwide.

The joys of having everything in the palm of your hands without having to go to several different sites for what YouTube can offer in one place. It’s convenient and efficient to have it all easily accessible, making memories will be enhanced by uninterrupted music. People these days don’t use radios or DJ’s anymore for family barbecues or birthday parties. This generation is grabbing their smartphone and searching for music with the option to connect to a speaker to keep their guests entertained.

With new companies coming out everyday, YouTube may one day not be as popular as it is now, in it’s prime. Does any company out now offer all the perks that YouTube does as far as variety of topics and the new YouTube Red? As of now there certainly isn’t, making it the people’s choice in music and videos.

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